About Me

My Story

Hello Everyone and welcome to my website. I am so glad that you are here! Hopefully, what I share here on this website can inspire you to start living your best life and taking action towards it. 

I am originally from Canada and now living in Switzerland with my husband André. I was an elite athlete on the Canadian National Gymnastics Team and after gymnastics went on to compete in Fitness at the National level. I am an NCCP certified gymnastics coach and trainer. I also worked in the IT industry as web developer for over 12 years. 

In my corporate career I felt stuck, uninspired and underwhelmed. Maybe you can relate to this feeling? I felt trapped in a career that consumed so much time and that really was limited to how far I could grow or earn. 


Luckily, I had become an avid student of personal development and I quickly learned that there was a better way and that as my mindset grew so did the possibilities and ideas. I was really enjoying studying the teachings of Bob Proctor and studied everything I could. What I noticed is that I started to attract some amazing things into my my life and in 2009 I was introduced to Linda Proctor  (Bob's wife - WOW) and the Network Marketing industry and this changed my life forever. Working closely with Linda, This industry has given me so much and best of all it is something I can share with so many people around the world and help them live better too. That is a kind of feeling that you cannot put a price tag on. 

If any of this resonates with you or if you are curious about what I am doing then let's connect . My mission is to help people wake up to their true potential and I am thrilled to see people grow into their goals and live their life by design. Let's do it!!!